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Hosting this impressive facility is the energetic and ever youthful Isabelle who work tirelessly to maintain the salon’s high standards of service. With almost 9 years of experience in operating massage and spa facilities in Thailand, she sourced the very best oils and unguents for her treatments and guarantees that her highly trained and motivated staff are always ready to give their very best service.


The well being of the guests is always her first priority. Isabelle is a natural sportswoman who hails from the beautiful area of Aix-en-Provence in France. For 14 years, she owned and managed the highly successful golf pro shop at one of the oldest and famous golf courses in the region. She has an extensive experience of satisfying discerning clients.


As a confessed "massage addict" herself, Isabelle sets high standards for the salon’s services and her "hands on" management approach ensures that her standards are never compromised. French, English and Thai are the main languages spoken at the salon.The beauty salon and the luxurious reflexology treatment area are located on the spacious ground floor of the salon with sumptuous massage areas including VIP rooms for singles and couples located on the upper floor. Already a well-established and highly popular retreat for both local residents and visitors, all guests are assured a warm welcome and superb service in a great atmosphere with friendly staff and competitive prices.




5 Star Massage was founded in 2005. It was the idea of starting a salon as beautiful as the spas in 5 star hotels (hence, the name 5 Star), but at a price affordable to the wider public. It was an immediate success which continues to grow today.

Mae Nam Beach, Koh Samui


Aside from Isabelle's latest venture of adding a bar at her 5 Star Massage to accommodate her patiently waiting customers, Isabelle embarked on yet another project of opening a beach lodge at Mae Nam Beach in Koh Samui. After nearly three months of renovations, Beach Way Food & Lodging opened its doors and restaurant. A lot of work and research went into finding the best design to suit the look and feel of the lodge. The result is a blend of aged wood, concrete wax, brick, pastel colors, to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. We are happy and ready to welcome everyone !


"I put in this project all my heart, my energy and my experience of almost 10 years of living in Thailand. I followed an instinct that had already helped me well during the opening of 5 Star Massage. I hope that once again I'm not wrong! I am tired but happy and satisfied."

-Isabelle Louche